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Waiting in the breeze for the train

April 29, 2016

I forgot my hat in the dressing room, so I wore my headphones to keep my ears warm.  But the Wilco album is finished now, so I am listening to myself chew as the stubble of my jaw scrapes against the acoustic insulation padding as I wait here for the train above ground.

I pretended to be a man in the early 20th century tonight, so I wore a tuxedo.  I pretended that the kisses I received were poisonous, and I enacted a disorienting curse in low light by hurling my body here and there.  Then I was killed by my best friend in a partner-dance-bar-fight.  Then I haunted him as a ghost at an imaginary banquet where everyone moved in slow motion.  Then I rearranged pretend trees on wheels.

When I was back to being me, I stretched and took ibuprofen and had a beer and chatted with smiles to various people who had played along in the pretend, and listened to a band with a string quartet play on a small stage surrounded by red velvet walls.


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