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The Corners of the World

August 6, 2014

Dear Dan,

What of the scenic corners of the earth? How is that we’re allowed to go there, and why such a draw, seated in glory, to attend them? To touch something and see something and breathe something with our bodies? How does this add to our lives?

It does add to our lives. This seems evident. We know this of ourselves and of each other.  It does to the point that you and many other people are willing to donate some of their hard-earned money out of a glow of encouragement that someone else (me) do it. There’s a hopefulness, a promise, a fulfillment, and also a sirens’ call perhaps, exquisite and dangerous, to the pull of the world.

I cannot wait to share my photos of Iceland with yours of New Zealand from the same weeks this month. And I cannot wait to register the subtle, mystical, lifelong taste of seeing the sky from another corner of the earth, and to try unsuccessfully to put it into words and to share the deep, knowing smile from it with others.

Thanks for the support. Thanks for the encouragement to challenge and relish this life. Thanks for your traveling inspiration.

Photos soon,


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