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Arrival Together

August 18, 2014

Dear Kristi,

Remember that time we were three in Iceland?  And you had jumped off the diving board straight to Norway and you saw a fjord and read your Grandfather’s name in a journal from the time he had vanished to the sea and was then a fighting soldier for the U.S.  And Hope had put her hands together and gone headlong to Iceland – to sleep and to realize and to sit and to make funny videos and be her independent self at ice cream festivals and geothermal rivers.  And I had jumped after both of you, reemerging in Vienna to wearily take a workshop from a kind but fist-shaking bald man in performance studies and to wander the ornately antique buildings in the city center at night and to smile into the spitting rain.

And we did some catching up about our separate adventures, but after the drive and Hope feeling better and some gin and tonics, we were eventually just talking about other things.  We talked about the vagaries of relationship and love and sex and self, and a little about that show we love so much in New York where the diving board is, and about how beautiful this house is.  And I was so excited to go to sleep in the darkness and wake up to the light and realization that we were by the ocean.  In Iceland.

And today we spoke of being artists generously and humbly accepting the mantle of creativity that is unceasingly flowing, and about how it is also work and any act of creativity is exposing and how scary that is.  And we talked about being a fan of something and about New York vs. residencies in the country and about the necessity of failing and about your theatre company.  And we talked about the blue lagoon and figured out how we will each get there, oddly separately.  And we talked about doing this again in another country someday.

And now we all type a bit with our illuminated apple icons facing into the table and the ocean outside and everything in the house quiet and full of welcome.  A gift to be all together.  I was so thirsty for familiar faces and we have been fostered perfectly here, now each with a mug of tea.

See you again soon my friend,



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