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A City’s Pace

October 19, 2014

Dear Adrian,

Brussels has a slowing.  My friend Dan, who has helped me remember the joy of momentum and driving one’s life forward among one’s peers, has evidently just found it as he sinks into writing cards, then reminiscing through old photos and now a magazine at what has become a surprising, contented sit at this coffee shop.

The momentum rolls to a meander and a reflection and a watching here.  It’s happened a couple of times to me.  And I am trying to learn, when is the time for accelerating oneself into one’s chosen highway.  Trying to shed the anxiety and find the more owned motivation in a land just off of familiar with a certain Chicago-like quilt of normalcy.

I am not here yet.  I am here, but I do not own here yet.  I do not own me here yet.  A new friend said all is told in the first hundred days.  It seems there are times for patience and impatience.

Watching. Unknowing.  Steadily.

And so adventure.




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