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Bjork Party

August 26, 2014

Dear Megs,

Iceland was amazing.  We partied with Bjork like a dozen times in my quick week there.  It turns out she really, really loves brunch.  So we went out to brunch like four times.  We went hiking to her house that is a lighthouse on a glacier.  We busted out some special brennivín she keeps for visiting foreigners, even though she doesn’t like it very much. Sigur Ros was there and created this amazing slow song based on the rhythm of the rotation of the lighthouse beam warning floating ships to not crash into the glacier.  A few days later we all went to the newest island in the world, which sprung out of the ocean in the 70s, and had a picnic.  My friend Hope and I danced around a bit to another spontaneous composition which started with Bjork singing some crazy chant and Jonsi beatboxing.  They were totally into our dancing, and some kids joined in, and the couple of sheep on the island stared at us in bafflement.  We meandered the event down to the water of the small inlet, and, no joke, Bjork turned into an actual swan.  Apparently it’s something she can do, but only in Iceland.  She then joined the fifty other swans in the water and they swam away and we never saw her again.  It was a little awkward and sad, but pretty awesome. She was apparently very excited when she found out her transmutation also worked on the new island and she created like four new albums and one symphony about it, but they’re being stored in an underground volcano for gradual release over the next hundred years.

Then we got on a viking ship and went to the western fjords and ate some humanely, with proper viking prayers, slaughtered lamb and then soaked in a blue geo-thermal pool and the vikings summoned the aurora borealis.  It was crazy.

They’re all really excited for you to choreograph their next several music videos.  Is it ok if Hope and I are in them?  We’re sort of the connection.

Do you prefer caves or waterfalls?  They wanted me to ask.

Huge hugs,



photo credit: Hope T. Davis

photo credit: Hope T. Davis

  1. Meghann Wilkinson permalink

    oh, it’s about time somebody had a proper adventure (bjork already filled me in on some of this, but it was nice to hear your take). thank you for doing magical things in my honor. waterfalls are my preference, and i’ll start scheduling choreo rehearsals with you and Hope soon- next week good for you?
    ps. it was tofu lamb, though- right?

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