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Some Words About Mountains

September 9, 2014

Nathan –

I’ve heard that for some centuries now, there has been a societal, global mourning about leaving the country for the necessary solutions of the city.  That’s what comes to mind as I discover in my own life a deep well of yearning to be surrounded by nature – to find the vast quiet, the epic stillness, the humbling relief of sitting or hiking or gazing amidst things more permanent than me, things unhurried, obeying longer laws.

We are led to believe by some logic that pausing is unproductive, a waste of time, that we can always be using our mind and our tools to further our tasks – to further business, to accomplish our goals, to stay in touch, to make our mark, to further our role and our society.  The chomping at the bit to always matter and to never let our guard or our go down is a tempting, competitive mistress.

I think nature, however we make it back, reminds us that forward is relative, that our hustle is limited, that we are inconsequential and a simple, celebrated grain in a system well beyond our chomping comprehension.

Like a wizard wielding large spells, the mountains seize us with some eternity and command us to pause and re-find the ground and further our gaze.

I hope Austin has some good surprises and refreshing newness these days,


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