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November 14, 2014

Dear Sarah,


Some other things…


Because of the deep cobble-stone and high walls, the cars on the small street behind the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule always sound closer than they are.

The cheapest cheeses from the French vendor at the Thursday afternoon market in Parvis St. Gilles are delicious.

The ride back from the organic market on Sundays on my single-speed, sit-straight bike is an uphill workout.

I talked with Mom and Wills about the difference between imagination and ideas, one of my favorite lessons so far from school.  The acknowledgement that there is a difference simply gave voice to something I think most of us know.  It doesn’t make finding, shaping and presenting imagination – the more dangerous, joyful and universal one of the two – easier.

I still haven’t been deeper into the forest.  The time I went back to the large park, Bois de la Cambre that is at the edge of the forest, it was more park-y and less forest-y than the first time.  When I looked for the forest on my bike, I ended up exiting the state of Brussels entirely and finding Flemish suburbs instead.

The locally famous beer bar a block and a half from my house is called Moder Lambic.

The castle at the top of the hill two blocks from my house is still a functioning prison.

My housemates are friendly people from France, Belgium and Brazil.  They are young and creative and searching for many of the same things we are in that inconclusive 21st century way.

I have learned why expats form communities – the comfort of reference is a specific and fulfilling one.

School is exciting, though it is the long road, and so the way to take it is to take it and to see where you are at each kilometer.


Where should I travel to?


Love you tons.

Talk soon,





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