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A Winter Walk

January 5, 2015

Dear Mom,

I went for a brisk walk today in the park near my house to get my heart rate up and get some of the day’s freshness into my face and lungs.  There was more sky once I cleared the buildings – a bright open sky filled with winter-early dusk that gave an exhilarating  clarity to the waning day.  I cut along paths of asphalt, gravel and mud or between them, over the top-frozen grass which shared edges with the deep umber forest floors.  There are occasionally old mansions with unsurprising urban graffiti and an old stadium.  It is hilly, which gives changing perspectives of the city and the trees, with passes near hushed ravines.  The soaring neon colors of the evolving sunset silhouetted all the leafless branches, my favorite image for years, and back at the top of the promenade I could see the Palais de Justice shimmering in the distance.

The parrots that nest at the northeast corner of the park were silent by the time I got back there, and the street lights were casting the trees’ shadows back towards where the sun was still singing its final symphony.




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